wildfillysama: 4 days…

… til I hand in the thesis and say goodbye to it for at least a couple of months. After that comes the meandering around doing stuff that thesis has made me put off, like physical movement of anything more strenuous than the walk between my desk and the kettle.


To avoid thinking about the deadline, here are some of the fun things that I’ve come across in my editing breaks!


Firstly, I’ve been cultivating an obsession with the Hannibal TV series, including the amazing range of comic sans-inflicted-terribly-spelt captions that other fans of the series have been creating.

tumblr_mof4cxUqX11srw9x2o1_1280 tumblr_mof4cxUqX11srw9x2o2_1280


tumblr_mrjyo6mUI41srlm9qo3_500 tumblr_mrjyo6mUI41srlm9qo2_500 tumblr_mrjyo6mUI41srlm9qo4_500

Next on the distraction list, photographing my lolita collection:

9605_original 9133_original 9271_original 8754_original 8533_original 8199_original 9747_original

(not pictured, the bloodied remains of my wallet)

And finally, figuring out how many different things you can make with oil-paint sharpies. Here is the list so far:

1. Offensive dishware.

2. Immature stained glass that isn’t stained and might not be glass.

3. Dubiously decorated Christmas baubles.

4. Coloured-in cushions that may or may not have deserved it.

5. Graffited lampshades. Or lamps. Or shades. Or blinds. Or cats.

In summary, sharpies appear to be the best thing ever for leaving permanent stains on a range of variously exciting items. There is a reason why I haven’t taken them out of the packet yet, and this might just be it.





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