wildfillysama: Celebrating!

Thesis has been handed in, and I won’t be seeing it again for at least 6 months! To celebrate, I would like to share some of my favourite horse videos. I’ve spent a lot of time watching horse videos on Youtube, funnily enough, and these are just a few of the highlights I’ve seen… and occasionally forced other angry alpha nerds to watch (the first adjective becomes steadily more relevant).

First up, a clever horse!


Next, a particularly resilient rider!


Thirdly, a funny horse and handler combination (all in German):


And next, how to recover and continue a dressage test:


Next, a horse tribute video made entirely from adverts:

Next, a showjumping compilation video:

My current favourite dressage test:


And one of the most unique dressage tests I’ve ever seen…


I hope that you enjoyed at least one of these videos! I will return to my hard regime of celebrating with sleep and cider now.

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