marsy: My Legend of Zelda problem

Hi, I’m marsy and I’m a Zeldaholic. My problem started many years ago, with a lovely little game called Ocarina of Time. Now, when I first started playing, I had to get wildfillysama to play through all the difficult/scary bits (Dodongo’s Cavern was not a happy place for me), but since then I’ve played by myself a few times. Just a few. I haven’t lost count. Not even a little. And I totally haven’t played through all versions for different consoles several times. Who would do that? Not me. I will admit that I was able to tell my little brother exactly what bit he was stuck on based entirely on the sounds I heard while doing something else. I am both proud and deeply ashamed. Ocarina of Time will always be my favourite game and if you haven’t played it then go do that now.

While I haven’t played all of the Zelda games (the moon in Majora’s Mask still terrifies me and I just can’t bring myself to play more because I freak out whenever I look around and see that THE MOON IS GETTING CLOSER! RUN AWAY! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!), I have certainly played enough. Not that I will ever have had enough. There is also quite a build up of Zelda themed stuff in my life, including (and probably not limited to) 4 posters, 6 figurines, 1 posable figma Link that wildfillysama and lorekai got me for Christmas, my replica ocarina of time, a shirt, triforce earrings, a copy of the Hyrule Historia, and my limited edition Legend of Zelda 3DS XL. I mustn’t forget the spiritual stone necklace and heart container charm I have coming in the post. Also all the games that I have. So many games.

So I have a bit of an obsession. It’s not hurting anyone (only my dignity and finances) and it keeps me out of trouble.

Now I will add the song of storms, and hope that it chases all the hot weather away.

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