wildfillysama: Phoenix Wright

Today has been a very Phoenix Wright-fandom type of day. This is only a slight variation from everyday, in that more time was spent writing fanfiction than usual.


I have a thing about this series. My phone’s message tone is “Objection!” The phone case matches.

I intend to cosplay Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney version) at an upcoming anime convention on 1-2 March. Again. Normally I make costumes from scratch, but bitter experience has confirmed for me that I really CANNOT make a magenta suit from scratch. Ebay has come to my rescue this time, so I only have to make minor alterations by hand.

Pictorial evidence of my first attempt at an Edgeworth cosplay comes up on the first page of google image search. I believe in leaving hilariously bad pictures where they are. Kind of looking forward to making a before-and-after cosplay photo though.

So, why Phoenix Wright?

1. The game is full of snide humour. A good source of hilarious quotes can be found here: http://phoenixwrightquotes.tumblr.com/

2. The manga is crack-tastic.


3. The official artwork is just as suss/hilarious as the fanart.



4. Every single character is insane, but not all of them are immediately obvious about it.


5. The fanvideos.


In brief, go and play the games. Regret nothing ever again.


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