marsy: Another short post!

I have a flight to catch today, so this is another short post from me. It will be a recap of my week.

Thursday: Worked. Unpacked so many boxes of books.

Friday: Worked. Unpacked more boxes of books. Cleaned up glass from smashed shop door.

Saturday: Worked. Still unpacking boxes of books (delivery of about 25 boxes arrived that week!). Looked after anit the flea and Windfyre’s cats. They are nice cats. I like cats.

Sunday: Worked. Unpacking boxes of books all day on Australia Day (no celebrating for me!).

Monday: Did nothing constructive all day and it was amazing and I loved it and I miss it already. Unashamed to admit that I read a lot of Hobbit slash fanfiction.

Tuesday: Went ice skating, was fun. Didn’t hurt myself (everyone was surprised) but lorekai did (accidentally typed died at first. This is how rumours start). Watched Frozen again. Frozen is a good movie. Tuesday was pretty decent.

Wednesday (today!): Worked. Three boxes arrived that needed unpacked. One had plush microbes instead of books. Now getting ready for flight to Hong Kong.


Favourite thing this week: It was Monday. Monday was the best part of this week (and that’s a crazy thing to say).

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