EbolaBooze’s Fortnighly Astro Corner: Back to Basics

So I recently had the opportunity to head to Albany and visit a good friend, so I figured – Why not take my camera along, see what kind of astrophotos I can get with a DSLR and a kit lens?

Naturally, I forget my tripod. ENGINEERING ensued. By that, I mean two blocks of firewood to hold the camera at an angle, and a sturdy platform.


Now, these were taken with a Canon EOS550D, f/3.5, ISO-3200 at 20mm, single 10s exposure.



Some minor levels adjustment, and that was all for processing, really.  Orion in the east, and …hmm. I’m not actually sure what’s in the next one. Pointing west, at any rate!

I’m by no means a DSLR-based astrophotographer any more, completely switched over to CCD photography, so this was a fun little exercise for me. I kinda want to put an 18mm lens onto my CCD and take some narrowband widefield shots now… Ah well!


Clear skies!

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