It’s hard to stop playing

This game has been my bane for longer than I care to remember.

Bubble Shooter

It’s called bubble shooter, and it is at, and it is impossible to stop playing for me.

Everyone has at least one of these ridiculous flash games, simple, obnoxious and addictive.  I mean, I have a 360, wii U and World of Tanks, but this is still somehow my first choice.

At least I put my own twist on it.  The game asks for you to achieve the highest possible score, but the problem with that is that the game can be easier kept going indefinitely once you’re down to two colours.  Also, you can eliminate colours.  By the way.

So, I found extra challenge in finishing the game with the minimum score possible.  Complicated by the fact that you’re score is doubled as a bonus if you eliminate all colours.  My lowest score was 24k.  That was a miraculous game.

Anywho, back to bubbles.

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