lorekai: I got a bit distracted…

Change of plans I’m afraid, had hoped to finish off my Final Fantasy posts today but life got a bit in the way, you’d think that when you pre-order a game they’d actually have the game available at a reasonable time on the day it comes out, but no apparently it doesn’t work that way, so I haven’t had a chance to play Lightning Returns yet. These things happen and it’s not the shop assistants fault, I just wished they hadn’t messaged me in the morning saying it was in when it wasn’t, it was stupidly hot today and I could of done without the extra trip into town.

On a less irritated note, look what I got today.


Something new for me to fail at! I’ve wanted to try to learn how to crochet for a little while now, it’s probably going to go terribly, but it should be an experience if nothing else. Thanks for reading, hopefully I’ll be back to Final Fantasy next week.

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