marsy: Twitch plays Pokemon

Twitch plays Pokemon doesn’t really need to be explained, but here’s a brief description for those who have either been living under a rock or are more interested in real world issues – lots of people playing Pokemon Red at once by entering commands into a chat system, or, total chaos.

I’ve only actually witnessed a few minutes of the madness first-hand. They were trying to get through the arrow puzzle in the Rocket hideout and I couldn’t handle it. My post is going to be about what I’ve learned second-hand.

– All hail the mighty helix fossil

– Jesus is a bird, I think it’s a Pidgeot

– Jay Leno and Charmeleon (Abby?) were released by the False Prophet

– Flareon is the False Prophet

– Stop using dig

– I think they have/had an Oddish. Oddish is the best pokemon, so I wish it luck.

– Democracy gets shit done, but anarchy is more fun

– Seriously, stop using dig

– Something bad happened on Sunday, not sure what. I think some pokemon got released maybe?

– start9


Gif somewhat related – it was the stupidest pokemon thing saved on my laptop.

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