wildfillysama: Anime Convention weekend!

Last weekend, the six angry alpha nerds all attended an anime convention. The following are some pearls of wisdom/highlights/items that I personally gleaned from the experience or heard from other alpha nerds:

1. Dressing mannequins is slightly traumatic when you don’t expect them to come apart at the waist. Leprosy victims everywhere…

2. Standard fashion mannequins look awful in floofy lolita dresses.

3. Pink pennants can hide a multitude of sins (and boring wall backdrops).

4. wildfillysama is not very good at hanging pennants, but persists and takes guidance poorly. Like with most things.

5. Carrying boxes full of jewllery, mugs, and clothing for sale is best not done is cosplay.

6.Wildfillysama needs to remember to buy one of those trolley-things to carry boxes and save arms from certain wrenching.

7. Traders’ tables often have large gaps behind them, perfect for taking naps when feeling unwell (and excellent for scaring customers when they lean in to look at an item and spot what looks like the dead body of anit the Flea stashed beside the boxes of stock).

8. Free! is a fabulous anime and there are some magnificent cosplayers from it. Also some amazing jackets, now sported by Windfyre and Marsy to the envy of all others.

9. Less magnificent are those cosplayers who don’t know how to pull up their trousers. Say no to crack!

10. Asking for hugs from strangers is ok if you are polite, hygienic, and not creepy. Asking for a hug, receiving one, and then asking if you can go to second base is right out.

11. Just because someone is dressed like your favourite character does not mean that attempted kidnapping is socially acceptable.

12. If you’re dressed in the same cosplay as wildfillysama, that’s very cool, but don’t try to show off about how much university study you have done as a means of saying how much more suited you are for the character. You will not win.

13. If it has a tank on it, EbolaBooze will buy it. If it has Free! characters on it, lorekai will accept it as payment for slave labour.


Can’t wait til next convention!




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