marsy: Snippets from my week

I’m still in recovery mode after the convention on the weekend, so today’s post is just a little overview of my week.

The convention was good fun, but has left me broken and crippled (slight exaggeration – I’ve got blisters and I’m a little sick). I managed to avoid becoming some guy’s waifu while cosplaying Homura. Got some stuff, including a jacket from Free! Also got myself drawn wearing said jacket.

IMG_0277Picture is kind of enormous because how do I technology?

Other things I have done – watched new Hannibal and Walking Dead episodes, played lots of Animal Crossing, gone to work (less exciting), done uni work (even less exciting). I fell asleep in the bath last week and almost drowned myself, so that’s something I guess. The rest of this week promises more work, as well as the Rocky Horror picture show this weekend (hopefully I won’t be as traumatised as Windfyre was), and “morning pew pew” on Friday (I’m assuming that means I’ve been invited shooting, but I’m not entirely sure).

That’s all from me because my stomach is letting me know that it wants actual food for dinner and not just sorbet.


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