lorekai: Things that I am waiting for.

I don’t have much to write about this week, there has been a gap between must have game releases, and I haven’t come across any of the ones I mildly wanted. I’m looking forward to next week though, with the HD rerelease of Final Fantasy X, I’m going to, quite literally, have to dust off my Vita. Then the week after that is Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney, which I’m looking forward to even more. After that, I don’t know, I’ll probably bemoan my lack of funds and continue trying to pull together enough to buy a new Xbox 360, as mine picked a very inopportune time to die.

For anyone wondering here is the source of my current lack of funds.

lost in sea blue op

Well it and the matching accessories, it’s so pretty, shame I have to wait until July for it, and I’m afraid that’s all this week, sorry for so many short posts in a row, hopefully I’ll have more to write about next time.

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