Friday Free-for-all: Amazing Anime and Nostalgiavision

All of the Alpha Nerds were introduced to Kill la Kill a few weeks ago. The general consensus after nine episodes is THAT IT IS AMAAAAAZING. A few of us (lorekai, wildfillysama, EbolaBooze) have seen all of the episodes so far (SPOILER: IT KICKS CLOTHING TO THE CURB AND GOES BEYOND THE IMPOSSIBLE).

EbolaBooze’s favourite character is Senketsu. Accept no substitutes. He is the most moe.

wildfillysama’s favourite character is Iori, the captain of the sewing club. A sewing-focused Goku uniform would make last-minute cosplay modifications and despairing hair cuts a thing of the past!

lorekai’s favourite is Ira Gamagori, because he is awesome and ridiculous and just amazing. An honourable mention goes to the teacher guy who keeps losing his clothes due to how hilarious he is.

anit the Flea shares her favourites with lorekai but coming in very close are the main character and her weeeeeird friend Mako 🙂 I look forward to learning more about the other elite four!

marsy is unsure whether she likes Mako or Gamagori more, but she knows that they are both amazing. Still recovering from the trauma of Gamagori’s fight with Ryuko, but these things happen. Also impressed by the equal-opportunity nudity.

windfyre is enjoying the whole thing, but choosing characters are so hard for a person who has trouble remembering what he had for breakfast.  His favourite would have to be the guy who – spoiler – cuts out his own eyes to get more hardcore.  Respect.

In addition, we played Spyro: Year of the Dragon – a game that some of the angry alpha nerds played years and years ago, and to which other alpha nerds have only just been introduced. Much skateboarding was had. EbolaBooze revealed his so-far unknown talent for skateboarding with a small dragon (marsy’s helpful instructions of “do a gnasty gnorc!” were actually followed. Accidentally.) . Many headers were taken off cliffs. So much button mashing. So little button responsiveness. Panic and break stuff. EGG THIEVES INSPIRE HATRED. anit the Flea touched her very first playstation controller (it was magical) and her name became synonymous with failure.  All in all, the Alpha Nerds of the past would kick todays Nerds around the block.  More to come.

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