Spyro and Kill la Kill (Again)

Another Friday, and another night of amazing anime and retro games.

With additional alcohol!


Kill la Kill continues to amaze, and for those that haven’t seen it: WATCH IT. It only ever gets better.  Lolita is as hardcore as I have always been told. Mr Aikuro/Prof. Sycamore’s nipples glow pink…


Alcoholic punch was chilled with frozen berries that turned it pink and butter chicken proved too much for many of the angry alpha nerds to digest. marsy is happy to say that her food triplets are doing well, and are due any day now. Cookies didn’t even make it into the house before being attacked by multiple alpha nerds. A quest for cider was also launched, since no good retro gaming night starts completely sober.


End bosses were beaten soundly with superior firepower (and helpful cries of “SHEEP!”) in Spyro, and then significant numbers of lives were lost to side-parts of the game. Much save-scumming was done. But hey, we saved the world! Hunter seems to have gotten lucky.  Another heroic warrior lost to love. wildfillysama apparently plays Spyro with multiple ciders and cups of punch the same way that she does sober – this may lead to future eye tests and coordination questions. Dino Mines broke several spirits.

dinomiiiiiiiinesThis is the face of not-mercy. Fear it. Hate it. Shoot its little hat.


If you don’t have a copy of Spyro: Year of the Dragon, we strongly suggest that you invest and enjoy all of the amazing, world-altering graphics, plot continuity and compelling characterisation. Also shooting sharks while riding a manta ray, skateboarding to victory and the worst child-naming skills ever witnessed on the planet. (Alas, poor Dwight – you didn’t stand a chance, small dragon). In addition, don’t get a fake copy of the game. Three of the alpha nerds grew up in the shadow of a highly glitchy fake copy and as a result have only just completed the game fully for the first time tonight – it was magical. Truly magical.


See you next week!



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