Friday Free-for-all: All clothing is aliens

By the way: spoilers.


Dear internet,

Today I learned many interesting things:


All problems can be solved by going super saiyan.

Being a nudist is the ethical choice. Especially around schoolchildren

You can fall from orbit and survive, but only if your sister tries to catch you.

When you’re on a date with another girl and you see your sister, approach by synchronised dancing is the only option.

There apparently is such a thing as too much tea. (HERESY)

marsy reports that she has the Horsehead Nebula on her inner thigh. Her clothes ARE SPACE.




The stars aligned, and EbolaBooze managed to get pictures. Everybody else got mosquito bites.

Croquettes fix everything. Especially cheesy ones filled with minced, unidentifiable things.

Gamagoori x Mako is so canon. If you don’t ship it, you can’t have seen the show.

Victory tea, but we didn’t see that happen.

Senketsu is the most moe.

Needed more dance party. Naked dance party.

Equal opportunity nudity is the best nudity.

More lens flare than the Star Trek reboot. IT WAS NEEDED.


In conclusion:

Kill la Kill saved anime.

We are still riding the high.


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