wildfillysama: What day even is it?

I think it’s still Monday, so time for a post! I haven’t missed one yet!


For the record, I’m using UK values of Monday.


To explain, I’m currently in the UK and most of the way not-jetlagged, so that’s working out pretty well. Have been doing lots of family visiting and looking for internet, which have both been pretty successful so far. Planning on doing a lot of sleep right now… have another flight tomorrow and then the joys of a hire car/no directional sense. Will hopefully survive to post again next Monday!


Have some funny pictures to celebrate 🙂




1382279_623842577705839_716913029470205734_n 1609601_701556046571673_1546993108_n 10173625_10152129401623366_1454045065_n 1972243_623814161042014_2686272317227080902_n  10153978_822515814431860_497435052_n 10175059_10152347480595953_5962324368317542976_n 1393755_10152271017100027_1117877854_n 10001460_620437698046327_400765484_nI wish I had an “after” picture for this draft horse pulling the carriage…

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