No backspaces is cruise control for cool

Or: windfyre is now named Wang Fu.

Wildfillysama really shouldn’t leave, for our sake. Please come back. Pleeeeease.

There are mermaids on a tissue box.

Ebolabooze keeps manhandling lorekai. The computer craves his touch only. We are adults.

Ebolabooze’s skype name is justabit.  Don’t actually check that. Maybe he left his password in his other butt. Wrapped in plastic. The miracle of birth.

We have 89~ subscribers, we might not after this.  Do we have nothing better than drunken in-jokes?


Marsy-chan only has sober in-jokes.  They hurt more, I assume.  I’m assured they are fabulous. Lorekai would like to say buuuuuutts, but not with a fancy little squiggle.  I just heard her say bottoms.


This not me I do not want this, I do not say these things.




(Disclaimer: none of us are being held against their will.  Only some of us have had alcohol.  Not lorekai, which is why… this.)



Does skype power your passion? Discuss.


There will be a test on this.

The Tarantula nebula is cursed for EbolaBooze. We are now hearing the smallest violin in existence.


Sword Art Online is cool, like the tower one but better because it has levels; Anit the Flea (2014, one beer)

Let that stand for prosperity.  Expletives make lorekai think of extweetives, which are like cute birds that talk in exclamation points and things, which are apparently punctuation.  Who knew?  “Extweetives came up earlier, just like me”; Windfyre (nee Wang Fu)

EbolaBooze’s standards have dropped ever since wildfillysama left the country. We’re lucky he bathes. These things aren’t related (I have very mild body odour, for the record. Ebolabooze et al.)


Don’t laugh, send help.

The other angry alpha nerds are vicious liars who also smell… Ebolabooze stole my seat, it’s very upsetting.


I like this jacket, it’s got bows.

With your science and your fandangos and your woopwoops.


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