wildfillysama: How to Play Phoenix Wright

I promise a more varied post next week… At the moment I’m not feeling terribly well but have a load of writing work to do and a post office to quest to, so here is a collection of tips on how to play Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and the other games in the franchise. I may or may not have a fanfic to update, so I’m hoping that this will assist things…


I completed the Professor Layton vx Phoenix Wright crossover game a couple of days ago. Much fun was had. I still couldn’t complete one puzzle by the end of it and exhausted the internet looking for walk-throughs. But victory was had! Now planning on playing through the entire series from start to finish during my not-working time/time spent on any further aeroplanes.


But now, on to the tips!



Disregard everything you thought you knew about the law, criminology, basic logic and reason.


You haven’t won until at least one character has flipped out and had a hilarious/traumatic cut scene of their mental and physical breakdown. Expect horrible things to happen. Expect Phoenix to get injured in some way (it happens a lot and doesn’t seem to have attracted any criticism from anyone in the courtroom other than Phoenix).



You’re not just a lawyer, you’re also a detective. Sort of. No one’s too clear on that. You have boundary issues either way.


In fact, this is EXACTLY how you play the game. There are some pieces of evidence so patently wrong that the urge to present them, just to see the look of confused disbelief on the other sprite’s face is just too strong. Once again, this may lead to violence. Phoenix doesn’t mind. Really.



Characters hardly ever play roles assigned to them, nor can they be relied upon to remember basic information.

Detective Dick Gumshoe isn’t the detective that the Ace Attorney series deserves, but he’s the one it needs.



Witnesses aren’t always human either:




Someone throws a toupee at Phoenix and it rebounds off his face. Shit’s hilarious.


Go play the games.




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