marsy: Feeling old

marsy is tired today. marsy has been looking after her 10 year old brother and has been put off having children for a while longer. marsy is good at being an adult – she only burned herself on the oven a little bit. marsy has exams coming up soon. marsy is speaking in the third person because she feels like it. marsy will stop now.

So, I’ve been experiencing life as someone who has to be responsible. I don’t like it. I never really realised how much time it could take to complete a small amount of homework, have a bath, and eat a bowl of soup when you really don’t want to – it honestly would have been easier and less time consuming to just go along with it! Kids be crazy. Getting up in time for the school bus is lame and I don’t like it. Children are noisy and messy. Bah! I need to sleep soon.

On a cheerier note, it’s my birthday this Saturday. I’m hoping that with age, comes wisdom (I lost my +4 bonus when my teeth were removed). For anyone wondering, I am turning 70. Or at least, it seems that way at times. I’m not actually that old. Promise.


Here is Motivational Piccolo (he’s been helping me study).

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