lorekai: Life without Candy Crush.

Before I begin, normally I get a lot of grief if I mention anywhere online that I like Candy Crush Saga, so to get this out the way first, yes I know it’s just a Bejeweled rip-off, but it’s a good Bejeweled rip-off and it’s excellent for killing time while waiting for the bus.

But anyway recently I completed all 575 main levels of Candy Crush, and I’ve found myself somewhat at a loss for what to replace it with, as while there are the owl levels still remaining for me to play, their numbers are rapidly dwindling and to be honest they are just not as fun. So today I set out to try the other games that King has on offer, to see if any of them meet my requirements as a suitable Candy Crush replacement.


Farm Heroes Saga:

Objective: Collect different crops to meet requirements, get points.

+ Very similar gameplay to Candy Crush.

– Significantly less variation in game styles.

+ Don’t have to bother people to progress.

– Really annoying television advert.


Diamond Digger Saga:

Objective: Remove gems to clear blocks and make a path for water, either score points, have the water reach certain things, or clear certain blocks.

– Not available on mobile.

+ Don’t have to bother people to progress.

+/- Different from Candy Crush.

+ Some variation in levels.


Pyramid Solitaire Saga:

Objective: Clear cards, sometimes specific cards, get points.

– Boring

– Glitchy

– Have a game that is almost the same, that I got for free, on Steam.

– Have to bother people to progress.


Pet Rescue Saga:

Objective: Clear blocks to bring animals down to the ground, or clear a certain percentage of blocks.

– Extremely annoying television advert.

– Have to bother people to progress.

– Little variation, gets dull fast.


Papa Pear Saga:

Play Peggle, it’s almost exactly the same, except that Peggle is good.


Bubble Witch Saga:

Yet another rip off that doesn’t even have the decency to be good, this time of Bust-a-Move. Could be fun except that the backgrounds are far too busy and the colours for the bubbles too dull.


Pepper Panic Saga:

Objective: See Farm Heroes Saga, but replace crops with peppers.

In fact see Farm Heroes Saga for the entirety of this segment, except the bit about the annoying advert, as fortunately I haven’t seen any ads for this.


Ultimately what I’ve gathered from this is that King should just stick with Candy Crush, everything else they’ve made, to put it nicely, seems not so good, and none of them have instilled in me the same desire to keep playing that Candy Crush did. Very disappointing, and I guess I’ll have to continue my search for a replacement game somewhere other than facebook, probably for the best really. Thanks for reading!






2 responses to “lorekai: Life without Candy Crush.

  1. I don’t know why you’re getting that grief. There’s nothing wrong with playing a ripoff of an older puzzle game. The only reason I refuse to touch any of King’s games, even if they’re any good, is because of the insanely aggressive and even malicious way they’ve gone about “protecting” their trademark (according to King, if another game has the word “Saga” in the title it’s an infringement, even if the game in question is an actual Viking Saga sort of epic poem story and not a stupid little puzzle game that has no reason at all to be called a damn saga.)

    Sorry about the rant there; these guys just piss me off. Not surprised by your judgment that most of the games they’ve put out aren’t worth playing.

  2. Perfectly understandable reasons for ranting, I’d heard they were somewhat ridiculous with their copyright claims, but I didn’t know it was that bad. On plus side it makes me glad that the rest of their games were so bad, as I’d be hesitant to play anything they make if it supports that sort of behaviour.

    Thanks for commenting!

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