lorekai: A noisy noise annoys…

…well in this case, a lorekai. Due to a lack of inspiration and another factor, here are the ten noises, I could think of, that annoy me the most.


10 – My cat’s “why are you doing that, pay attention to me instead” meow, it’s loud, incessant, and sounds almost exactly like a baby crying.

9 РMaracas, or any music involving maracas, they are pretty much a guaranteed  headache.

8 – An individual cricket chirping, multiple crickets don’t bother me at all, but one by itself is just infuriating.

7 – Aw Naw Crows, they like to crow loudly early in the morning and it’s difficult to chase them away.

6 – The sensors that make noise when you walk into a shop, it’s not so much the noise but that fact that it draws attention to me.

5 – The buzzing noise the filter on my fish tank makes when the light on top of the tank is in the wrong spot, it only ever seems to do this just when I’ve gone to bed.

4 – Sonic the Hedgehog drowning music, not so much annoying more of it frightens me every time I hear it.

3 – Babies crying, I don’t know why, they just fill me with rage.

2 – Alarms, any sort really, especially those I can’t do anything about.

1 – The stupid, high pitched, electrical noise coming from somewhere across the road, that’s been going on for ages and that I can’t even drown out by listening to music with my headphones on.

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