Friday Free For All: GOJIRA!!!

Six things we liked about GOJIRA!!!

Lorekai: Ford was a very unlucky chap. It was funny.


Windfyre: My fingers inadvertadely made a metal sign when GOJIRA!!!! was roaring at the sky holding a monster head.  Rock on, GOJIRA!!!!

EbolaBooze: The movie was so good I only exploded in SCIENCE internally 3 times. (Marsy-chan: It was gross…)

Anit the Flea: Ford seems an odd choice of name. He was born in Japan so I kind of felt it was treacherous not to call him Nissan or Subaru or something…

WildFillySama: Is a poopy von face with beer and fart noises. XmenXmenXmen. I like celery and peanuts.

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