DM prep is kind of a fun thing

Or: Alcohol is my current Muse.

“Humans were drinking alcohol five-thousand years ago, and we’re still drinking it now. Alcohol is humanity’s friend. Can I abandon a friend?”

-Yang Wen-Li

Currently statting up an undisclosed number of contracted quasi-spiritual entities for use in a homebrew setting I’ve made. Mechanics and rules can come later, too busy drinking and attempting to fit ridiculous supernatural abilities into a rules framework that grows more nebulous by the second.

I’m hoping for JOLLY COOPERATION, and a story that doesn’t end in betrayals and tears, with my players (the other Angry Alpha Nerds) having their souls eaten by forces unknowable and infinitely more powerful than them.

…..Yeah, I don’t have much hope for a good end. I know these people.


Did I mention that happy endings are a guilty pleasure of mine? In other news, I want to become a healing-type writer. I may enjoy happy endings, but I sure as hell can’t write them.


Stay moderately buzzed, my friends.


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