Friday Free for All: Game Cleared!

Or: All of the Alpha Nerds have seen Sword Art Online now.


Verdict: (Although it’s a bit late, since it finished airing a while back.) Pretty damn good.

Eagerly awaiting the next season.


EbolaBooze: It’s an interesting thought exercise, how one would fight and survive a death game like that. Given that my playstyle is entirely based around massive DPS, alpha damage and unfortunate amounts of aggression, I probably wouldn’t have lasted terribly long. Then again, I probably would have been skilled lucky psychopathic enough to at least not die like a scrub in the first few levels, so it’s anyone’s game.


marsy: I think I would spend the first few days/hours/weeks of the game in a corner crying. Then I might decide to run a shop or something. That being said, my usual play style is hit things until they die. Maybe I would just be a tank instead. Or I would die early. Probably that.


lorekai: If I were in SAO, I greatly doubt I would survive, as my standard play style seems to be to attempt to sneak before getting bored and charging blindly into battle. For any chance of survivability I would have to either be in a party with many people, or I would have to make sure I was severely over-leveled before attempting anything. I fact I think I would just go for severe over-leveling, severe over-leveling seems like the best plan for surviving, or maybe I’d just stay in the lower floors and cook, that seems like fun. In fact forget leveling, completionist cooking all the way.


Windfyre: If I were in SAO, I wouldn’t be there for long.  As you’ll soon see, my play style is to retard into the middle of a pack and spam area effect.  In SAO, my life span would be somewhere close to a snowflake in Hell.  But say I got some sense early and realised I would die when I am killed.  I would frontline, but I would be the ultimate defense, attempting to duel wield shields, with another mounted on my back.  All points into defense.   Tank for a party/clan.  That would be my idea of helping, to eat as much damage as possible, while other people get on with the winning.  Diablo 3 run-throughs coming!!


Anit the Flea: I vote speed. Then run, for I am ultimate coward. I’d need to collect all the clothes in the game too so I’d need a high paying job (‘cus there is no way I’d be on the front lines) so most likely I would turn to prostitution. Or pimping. I could be a total pimp. I would like a feathered cap.

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