Halo 5: Guardians


Halo: Master Chief Pack

Oh Hell to the Yes.

Halo series has always been a long term favourite.  It’s a simple FPS that is easy to pick up, with a variety of enemies and an interesting plot that makes playing the campaign worthwhile.

I’ve always been the sort to prefer campaign over multiplayer, and co-op over single.  That’s why playing 4 player co-op with the ‘Nerds has been so much fun.  Yes, we aren’t all that fantastic (we play on normal) and yes, Firefight Rocketfight can get incredibly bloody, especially when there’s a hunter in the respawn zone (hint: we kill more than the hunter does).

But what’s really important is that we win.

So that’s why I’m so excited to see Halo 2 get an anniversary edition.  I can’t wait, we’re already getting ready to buy the Halo edition XBox One.

Now I just need to sucker a second Angry Alpha to get one, so we have two screens…

Peace Out!

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