lorekai: I should be packing.

I’m going up to Hong Kong early tomorrow morning, and I haven’t quite finished packing. I blame my shoes to be honest, it’s summer up there and all my summer-type clothes go with different pairs of shoes, with very little overlap. My suitcase is also quite small and I feel it is a bit excessive to take 3 pairs of shoes for less than a week away, but I suppose I’ll work it out, kind of have to. Though I’d much rather be talking about it E3, as it was really rather good this year, something to tempt me towards each of the current gen consoles, even the Xbox One, which up until recently I wouldn’t of touched with a 10-foot pole.

All that being said, when asked which developer “won” E3, I’d still put Microsoft last, not because it’s conference was bad, but simply because it wasn’t quite as good as the others. Sony simply had so much more to offer, and Nintendo managed to make me interested in their first party titles, which is not something I ever expected to happen.  Nintendo really impressed me with their conference this year, it was a bit short, lacking in 3DS games and the amiibo thing was a bit dull, but it made me seriously consider putting the Wii U at a higher purchasing priority than the PS4, and considering how much I want a PS4, that means rather a lot.

On a somewhat related note, Persona Q has been confirmed for a European release sometime this year! Yay! Shin Megami Tensei IV has also finally received confirmation for a European release, but it’s eshop only, so I can only hope they’ll include Australia, so maybe it’ll stop taunting me. Possible Yay? But now I leave you to finish my packing, but here is the opening for Persona Q, because it’s cute and awesome.

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