marsy: Everything was exams and nothing hurt.

That’s a lie – everything hurts! Still exam time for me, so not much of a post today (which technically ended about 2 hours ago, but that’s not important). This is a brief summary of my day (such an exciting post!).

Went to work, unpacked lots of boxes of books. The books were cold. I did not like that the books were cold. I had to call people about their books. I don’t like calling people. I have to pretend I can socialise like an actual human being. Very challenging.

Finished work, went home. Played Animal Crossing on the bus. I like Animal Crossing. Fauna tried to move out, but I didn’t let her. She’s stuck with me forever. Studied. Cat stole my chair so I sat on my bed. Bad decision – fell asleep. Woke up when the phone rang.

Had sandwich for dinner (ham, avocado, and cream cheese – tasty!) and watched wedding dress shows on tv. None of the dresses were really amazing. Disappointed in the poor taste that the people on tv had.

Went and saw Maleficent. Very enjoyable. Recommend it to everyone. Actor who played the crow guy looked really familiar, but is in nothing I’ve seen. Moral of the story is don’t be a dick. Had coffee with other angry alpha nerds after movie. Talked about what would happen if we met ourselves from another reality. I would totally do me.

Drove home. Sang in the car. Two lanes of freeway were closed off for non-existent road works. Good thing there were hardly any cars out. Am now writing blog post. Need to sleep now.


Picture is unrelated to post. It is here because I am a mature person. Very mature. marsy out.


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