Fat Librarians in Glasses

Noted: That everyone looks this way in glasses except for Marsy-chan whose bling makes it clear she is in it for a profit, hence she uses her body to sell books. The stacks of books are massage tables and Marsy-chan is a cover for a brothel.

Crackers are on the domestic violence divying cabinet


As a side note, three and a half beers were enough to justify the removal of the keyboard from anit’s presence. You’re welcome. It’s okay, she’s still entertained by it. A little too entertained. Windfyre should be worried. Death by laughter may be a worry here.



Rejoinder: You’re not, a genius.

EbolaBooze to anit: GET OUT OF MY FREEZER


Moving right along…..


A suggestion for a topic of discussion is that movie we watched the other day, the one with the stuff and the things.


Maleficent! That’s the one.


Drunk alpha nerds present: (I am a sober alpha nerd – marsy)

Four Things Wrong with Maleficent


windfyre: They discovered powerful, modern general anaesthetic such that that winged chick’s wings done got cut off.

anit: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, shut up, domestic violence. Um. Um. Um. What happened in the movie again? Mmmm. I cannot brain today I have the beer. We have appeals for proper thoughts from the other nerds. It was pretty farn tootin’ goods.

marsy: Someone that blonde should not have that dark eyebrows.

EbolaBooze: IT’S MEANT TO BE COLD-FORGED IRON. NOT STEEL OR METAL IN GENERAL. We are talking about the traditional weaknesses of the fae here, by the way.


Done and dusted, time for more beer.


By the way, spoilers.

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