lorekai: How do some Pokémon drink lemonade?

Or any of the vending machine drinks for that matter?

A lot of them don’t have hands to open them, let alone hold onto them and drink them. Does the trainer hold it up to them with a straw? And what do they do for the really tall pokémon? Or do they use something like those beer hats? Or maybe they are healed just by having it poured on them?

It was something I’d never though of before and then I had a conversation with my younger brother about it, so now I’m wondering. I wish I could see some fan art of it, but own artistic skills aren’t quite up to scratch, so guess I shall continue to wonder.

Oh well, back to Australia technically later today, had a good time in Hong Kong, though it would of been better if I hadn’t found out that I’m going to just miss Imagine Dragons playing a concert almost directly outside they window of my parent’s flat. Thanks for reading, I’m going to try for a slightly longer post next week.

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