Patent Pending

We have the greatest ideas. No, we’re not telling you.


We’ll be at Supanova this weekend. It’s a big thing in bumfuck Perth, one of three things that happens here a year. (Lorekai just strutted in drunk. She wants everyone to know that she is not drunk, just pleasantly drunkified, and can’t feel her nose and toes).

Here are some hints for if you want to find us at Supanova (it’s like Where’s Wally, but with more mystery and frills, and you have no idea what you’re looking for). I’m sure you’ll find us.

1. A 15 yard aura of stench.

2. Quietly muttered “Homura-chan” drifting in the wind.

3. Banananananananana (thanks Lorekai).

4. Look for the trenchcoat.

5. Billowing miniskirts.

6. The person losing at League of Legends. Badly. (We’ve now been sidetracked by EbolaBooze explaining the game to the rest of us who have never played. He has played but twice.)

7. Broken nails.

8. Someone wandering about looking lost, wanting to play Magic the Gathering.

9. Someone inviting you to play coop Mario on DS, after not finding Magic the Gathering.

10. The person crying into piles of books.

11. Holes blown in thighs from testing the new prototype of the secret thing.

12. Girly shit for sale.


Next Friday may have a guest poster. Disney and drinking is a recommended combination that we may be exploring next week.


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