marsy: Supanova, Sickness, and Skydiving

I am one of those people who always gets really excited about conventions, so Supanova was great fun for me. Bought some cute Animal Crossing things (that I then worked out were stamps! How freaking cool is that?) and a Deerling plush. I heard that the convention area went over capacity (~35000 people), so that’s something. Made it hard to move around, but I didn’t get to move around much anyway because I was working. Homura-chan guy was there again, but seemed content to just hang around creepily and not come up to me. I also saw one of John Barrowman’s panels – he seems like a cool guy. Didn’t get to take photos with him or anything though, because the timing was bad with my shifts unfortunately. Sold many books. Got con flu. Things I have taken away from this experience:

1. Setup and pack up are still boring. Also hard work. Lifting things is for losers. I guess I am a loser.

2. Creepers gonna creep.

3. Jamming ~35000 people in one giant room means that germs will spread wildly. I get sick after every Supanova, so I don’t know why I was surprised that it happened again this year.

4. I don’t know much about League of Legends, but I do know that I was seriously sick of hearing heaps of people shouting about it all weekend.

So, to sum it up – had fun, got lots of streetpasses, ended up sick.


Now for the other thing I did this week – skydiving! I was supposed to be going along as moral support for my friend, but I decided I may as well go myself. So much fun! Seriously recommended to everyone! I do have a great love of things like roller coasters and other thrill rides, so that may be why I loved it so much. Really not that great with heights though. It was an amazing experience, and something I would definitely do again. Also something I recommend everyone tries at least once. Have a picture!

Skydive 0109

Now you all know what the top of my head looks like. How nice for you.

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