lorekai: Upcoming Anime

With the newest season of anime fast approaching, and looking very promising, I thought I’d use this chance to talk about the series I’m considering watching and why. For anyone interested in seeing what is coming up you can find a comprehensive list here.

Akame ga Kill:

I was considering picking up the manga before I heard this was getting an anime, as there was a recent outbreak of very positive word of mouth surrounding it, but upon hearing that an anime was in development I thought I’d hold off. I don’t know a great deal about the series so far, from what little I’ve seen though the art looks good, the premise seems interesting, and while it does look like something that could easily become generic, I’ll definitely be giving it a chance.


I don’t generally like mecha anime, and my decision to give this one a chance is based purely on the fact the Gen Urobuchi is the creator, and I like almost everything of his that I’ve come across. Though if you were to take away the mechs and give it a different creator, the premise does seem like one I would be drawn to regardless.

Ao Haru Ride:

This one is part of my maybe list, I used to follow the manga a while back and I enjoyed it then, even if it was very typical shoujo. Depending on how the first episode is received I may give it a chance, but it’s just not what I look for in anime anymore.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal:

I don’t think I know anyone who likes anime and isn’t going to be watching this, it makes me happy just thinking about it. I’ve loved Sailor Moon for almost as long as I can remember, since before I even knew properly what it was, back when everything I knew of it was it’s name and the pretty pictures on the capsule machines by the checkouts at the supermarket when we used to live in Hong Kong. So, to put it mildly, I am very excited that it’s getting a new anime and I absolutely cannot wait for it to start.

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!:

I like magical girls, I like the Fate series, and I liked the first season of the anime. While I don’t like the direction the manga has gone in, particularly with the overly blatant fanservice, I hoping that this season can adapt it in a way that does the storyline a bit more justice.

Free! Eternal Summer:

Not much to say except, that I absolutely adored the first season and cannot wait for this one to start, and I think that my fellow Angry Alpha Nerds feel the same way.


This is another one for the maybe list, I’m not quite sure what interests me about it, everything I’ve read about it so far suggests that it’s a fairly standard slice of life type anime. It’ll probably be another one that I wait and see what people say about it, or maybe I’ll just marathon it at the end of the season.

Love Stage!!:

The manga for this is really bad, laughably bad, the sort that makes you cringe while reading it, and I’m a fan of shounen ai. I’m going to have to give it a chance, even if I am likely to give up after the first episode, if only because there are so few shounen ai series that have a plot that’s more than needless drama and dubious consent.

Persona 4 The Golden Animation:

I’ll be honest I’m a little confused as to why Persona 4 is getting another anime, don’t get me wrong, it’s an excellent game from an excellent series, but it’s previous anime wasn’t that long ago and I don’t really think that The Golden re-release added enough to merit the need for another anime. I’m still going to watch it and I’ll undoubtedly enjoy it, it’s just a bit confusing.

Sword Art Online II:

I really enjoyed the first season, so I’m very happy they’re adapting more. Fortunately I’ve somehow managed to avoid any spoilers for what is coming up, though it does limit what I have to say about it.


A lot of promising looking anime starting next season, even if I only watch half of them, it’ll still be more than I usually pick up in a season. Aside from all these new ones, now that the Chimera Ant arc is done I’ll also be picking up Hunter X Hunter again, since it’s reached an arc I’ve been anticipating for a fair amount of time now. Furthermore, I know it’s not anime, but new Legend of Korra episodes will be starting, technically tomorrow, though us here in Australia won’t get them until Saturday. So many things to watch! Thanks for reading.

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