Sick Mildly Irritated Alpha Nerds

Three of the Alpha Nerds are sick unto death, two of them are drunk unto death, and the other is away unto death. Amen. In memorium.

We have decided to roll D20 for fetishes most of the night. The results varied in their tragedy. marsy had the best results, and by best I mean worst. It still hurts a little. More than a little. Here they are:

marsy: Fedora tipping, bad porno music, dominance play, Tales of Symphonia battle music, and anything. Imagine all that put together. I feel sick and violated. By the internet.

EbolaBooze: Fluffy tails, panties on heads, and something else that was really weird and we all laughed but don’t remember what it was. 10 minutes later lorekai remembered that it was robot Vin Diesel. Much laughter was had by all.

lorekai: Lab coats, tail coats, spontaneous gender switching, and outdoor sex. I’ve got nothing to say here. A very dapper lab accident, I guess.

anit the flea: Allow me to set the scene here – Christmas in Utah, consensual sex in the missionary position under the public Christmas tree. Windfyre wears the buttcape. No more needs to be said.


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