marsy: A quick book review (because I haven’t finished the book yet)

So, I’ve been reading this book. I’m not too far through it yet, but I’m enjoying it so far.


the waking world (1)

The Waking World by Tom Huddleston. My work involves reading books we don’t stock to see if they’re any good, and, if I’m honest, I picked this one up because the author’s name is so much like Tom Hiddleston.

It’s been good so far. Fast-paced, fighting, Marauders, all that good stuff. The story is based on the Arthurian legends, but is unique enough that it’s not just the same old story told again. It’s pretty well written, and I would recommend it to anyone after a fairly easy read.

That being said, my opinion may change once I’ve read more. I’ll be sure to say so if it does.




On an unrelated note, I have a tumblr now. It is eating up all of my time. Good thing it’s uni holidays right now! Here’s a nice picture to end my post this week. Enjoy!



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