wildfillysama: Funny stuff

Hello again – I’m meant to be doing readings for the next half of the month-long seminar series I’m attending, so here is just a brief post today. For some reason the next two weeks of seminars are meant to run until 9.30pm. The crash course on “world cinema”, whatever that’s supposed to mean, seems to have the most demanding hours. Kind of wishing that I hadn’t just agreed to it – interferes with my food plans!


Enough complaints, here is some funny stuff that I’ve seen recently!


I saw someone walking around with this shirt a couple of days ago. I kind of want one.

Fullscreen_capture_542014_11118_PM_fafa6327-d6af-4746-8340-77a402a92c53_1024x1024Source: http://stargazingwithyou.net/products/dirty-poet-scum




(The recapture at the end is particularly cute)


This one’s impressive – horse loses his bridle with three fences left to go, but still jumps a clear round.



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