lorekai: First Impressions of this Season’s Anime.

This season of anime has started and as most of the series I wanted to watch have had at least one episode air, excluding Persona 4 Golden, I thought I’d give my first impressions of each of the ones I’ve seen.


Akame ga Kill:

Good: I expected to like this, but not as much as I did. It was a really good first episode, seemed like it was following all the standard tropes and then it dodged them completely in a surprisingly brutal way. I was impressed by it, and glad that my fears of it being generic were misplaced. Furthermore the animation and soundtrack were pretty decent, and the setting seems pretty interesting.

Bad: I’m not too keen on some of the character designs, they’re not bad, but they do seem like a bit of an obvious attempt to appeal to different fans. Also while in terms of story it avoided a lot of tropes, the characters themselves seem quite stock standard, though I’m hoping it’s just because they haven’t had much screen time yet.

Continue Watching: Yes, it seems like it’ll be a fun series.



Good: I loved the character designs and the opening, and the story is definitely interesting, it’s been one few times that I really want to know more of what happened and how everything ended up as it is. The characters themselves are also pretty interesting, there is a good variety and I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ll interact.

Bad: This series is going to have to work hard to avoid being predictable, as it’s dealing with both the standard anime tropes and Urobuchi’s reputation, it’ll be interesting to see how they handle it but I do have my concerns. I’m also quite concerned as it seems as though the mechs may play quite a major role, I’m hoping my impression is wrong and it’ll be character and story driven series but there is always the possibility that it won’t.

Continue Watching: Most probably, it’s very interesting but it depends on how involved the mechs are.


Ao Haru Ride:

Good: It’s very well put together, the animation and character designs are nice, and the soundtrack is not bad. It also manages to side-step some of the standard tropes which was good to see.

Bad: It’s somwhat generic, and the ED is boring, but aside from that it doesn’t really do anything wrong.

Continue Watching: Maybe, if there were nothing else this season I would, but at the moment it’s got too much competition and there are other things I’d rather watch.


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal:

Good: It’s so pretty, so very very very pretty. It was also a very accurate adaptation of the first chapter of the manga, which makes the rest of the series seem promising, and I loved the OP, it was awesome and pretty. I don’t know, it’s hard to go wrong with Sailor Moon, and did I mention that it’s pretty? So pretty.

Bad: I have some minor gripes with regards to the animation quality, it was a bit lazy in some parts, and Usagi’s have barely any focus or expression, which detracts from her character quite bit.

Continue Watching: Yes, how could I not?


Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!:

Good: Everything I liked from the first season is there, the art is cute and pretty, and the characters are fun.

Bad: It’s far too blatant with it’s fan service, it’s toned down a little from the manga, and normally I would just ignore it, but in this case the main characters are just too young for me to feel comfortable watching it.

Continue Watching: Maybe, I enjoyed the first season, but it depends on how they handle things it the next few episodes.


Free! Eternal Summer:

Good: Everything, it’s excellent, I was worried that it wouldn’t quite live to the awesomeness that was the first season, but it has, and I love the new OP and ED.

Bad: It hasn’t sorted my shipping dilemmas, the new character Sousuke doesn’t quite lend himself to being paired with anyone, though I’m hoping this will change.

Continue Watching: Yes, definitely, it’s awesome.



Good: It has nice animation and pretty soundtrack, but that’s about it.

Bad: I found it a bit dull, there was nothing really of note about it.

Continue Watching: Probably not, it wasn’t bad, just not a particularly compelling first episode, I’ll probably wait until it’s done and watch it then.


Love Stage!!:

Good: I’d forgotten how vaguely plausible and actually enjoyable the early parts of this series were, so I enjoyed the first episode a lot more than I expected. Furthermore the animation was also surprisingly good for a show of it’s type, and I liked the character designs and their use of colours. The soundtrack was alright, though it wouldn’t be able to compete with most of the series on this list, and I like the way they spliced the last few scenes in with the ending.

Bad: There were a fair few instances of obviously recycled as well as lazy animation, furthermore the characters themselves are very much the standard genre tropes.

Continue Watching: Probably, so long as it finishes before it reaches the current terrible state that the manga is in.


Sword Art Online II:

Good: Almost everything that was good about the first season seems to have continued on in to this one. Lovely animation and character designs, great music, and an interesting premise. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing how the plot progresses, it’ll be interesting to see how they handle a plot that doesn’t seem directly related to the events in Aincrad. The new OP was also pretty awesome.

Bad: Not too much to complain about, though I don’t really like what they’ve done with Asuna’s character, as they seem to have taken a lot of it away. Though I get the feeling that she isn’t going to be showing up much in this arc, so it may have just been them taking the easy way out to establish who she is to Kirito.

Continue Watching: Yes, it should be good.


It’s a pretty promising season so far, even those that I wasn’t too impressed by weren’t bad. Here’s hoping it’ll continue this way. Thanks for reading.




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