wildfillysama: Get writing!

Need some inspiration to get a writing goal achieved?


The internet can be either the best or worst thing to happen to your creative output levels. It’s all well and good to look for inspiration, but it’s definitely not well and good to not put these to use. So, once you’ve finished fossicking through the internet for ideas about what you may like to write about, here are some links that may help you get closer to the finished product.


 You have an idea, now how are you going to apply it?

Suggestion 1: If it makes you laugh, it may just be entertaining enough to complete.

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“Tips” from joke sites like “The Worst Muse” on Twitter can be great writing fuel, if not actual advice: https://twitter.com/WorstMuse


Suggestion 2: Is that a challenge?

There are loads of sites out there with suggestions for AUs (Alternate Universes). Although typically applied to fanfiction, these cues can also be easily used for original fiction and can give suggestions that you may not have otherwise considered normally. Here is just one of many places to fish for ideas: http://fanficy-prompts.tumblr.com/

Pinterest isn’t just for cute pictures; it also contains lists of writing prompts for very varied situations: http://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=writing%20prompts&rs=ac&len=7



Suggestion 3: Motivate your word count

Getting into the swing of writing can be frustrating and slow going. Once you hit a certain number of words/get to an interesting part to write, then things become easier, but it can be tough to get into stride. Why not sweeten the process by getting a cute picture every time you make it to a particular benchmark of words?

Get a cute kitten photo every time to get to a word limit! http://writtenkitten.net/

Alternatively, let adrenalin force you over the mark: words will start deleting themselves unless you keep up a regular typing pace on this website: http://writeordie.com/


Suggestion 4: Every day that you don’t work on your fiction/poetry/drama/etc. is another day that your all-time least favourite creative figure is better at it than you.

Enough said. Go forth!





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