lorekai: Belated Blogging, blame Halo.

Continuing our pursuit of co-op Halo, much of today was spent with fellow Angry Alpha Nerds playing through the anniversary edition of Halo: Combat Evolved. Much fun was had, and I managed to drive the Warthog into all sorts of new and interesting places, that I’m not entirely sure it was meant to go, no trees involved this time though.

For anyone wondering we’ve been tackling the Halo series in a bit of weird order, based largely on who had copies of which game, and somewhat on how many players could play co-op at once. So far we’ve played through Reach, 3, the beginning of 4, and now the first one, it’s been really fun, I never expected to enjoy it this much.


Also as Persona 4: Golden the Animation has aired it’s first episode, here is somewhat of a continuation from last week’s post.


Persona 4: Golden the Animation

Good: Much nicer animation this time around, none of the weird colouring on faces from the previous series, and it’s fun to see the main character on what looks like a new game+ round. The music is good, but that’s only to be expected as it’s mostly from the game.

Bad: I’m very concerned about how they are going to handle the story, as judging from the first episode and the preview for the next, it looks like they’ll largely be focusing on the additional events added in the Golden. That’s perfectly fine for people who are already familiar with the story, but for those who don’t, unless they’ve come up with an excellent way of dealing with it, it’s going to be nigh incomprehensible. My other complaint is that, while I can understand that they might need to change things up to add a bit more drama, what they did to the first fight was just stupid, boring, and it just made cringe to watch it.

Continue watching: Yes, it’ll be nice to see some parts animated, and I’m too much of a Persona fan not to.


Thanks for reading, hopefully next week’s post will be on time.

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