Half Angry Alpha Nerds

marsy: My knee says bonjour.

And with that scintillating comment, we open. Three of the Nerds are gathered, as one is still out of the country, and two are sick, assumed dead. It’s most unfortunate. The suspected diagnosis is a severe case of wommblosis. The explosive kind.

We aren’t creative without the crutch of alcohol, it seems. The cocktails consumed from teapots have worn off for marsy and lorekai. EbolaBooze has the distinct honour (misfortune. Ai-yah.) of being designated driver. Such is life in soviet Perthia.


The thinking capacities of this group is severely limited at the moment.


EbolaBooze is simply worried that his telescope will fly off in the breeze. It’s 120+kg of equipment, so not a particularly big one. An idea for airborne telescopes is sufficient helium balloons. Dragonforce agrees. (A trail of broken hearts flying freeeeeee~)


marsy didn’t know that song was by Dragonforce. This is her learning done for the month. She disagrees, and says that you learn something new every day. Ebolabooze begs to differ. How cruel. As expected of EbolaBooze.


lorekai wonders why EbolaBooze thinks himself cruel. He responds that he knows himself too well. Also the voices in his head make good debating partners.

marsy: Such is life in soviet EbolaBooze. (lorekai: wouldn’t want to live there…)



These posts are more fun with greater numbers of people involved. Yes, EbolaBooze does think the company is boring. And will decrease the fuel efficiency of his car. I’m talking to you, payload.

marsy: that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me!




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