wildfillysama: I want a mule.

Otherwise known as “wildfillysama has had too much time to think today and none of it involved her brain.” i.e. business as usual. But anyway… mules!


Mules have several excellent selling points:

1. Fabulously long ears.

2. Complete disdain for the world.

3. Excellent balance (an ideal steed for parties/hangovers/getting lost near ledges).

4. Near unlimited colour patterns and sizes. Can match just about anything.

5. An expression of loveable contempt/world-weariness that is occasionally punctuated by periods of further disdain or particularly wanting a carrot.

6. They are much more intelligent than either donkeys or horses. Admittedly, this is not the stiffest competition out there.


Hybrid vigour is alive and well in mules, especially in the brains department. However, lots of mules get bored and destructive because these bigger equine brains often don’t get much stimulation: hence the phrase, “stubborn as a mule.” Some more downsides include the fact that a lot of people who breed mules don’t think with their brains and end up picking out parents that really don’t have any physical common grounds. As a result, you can get some mules with undeservedly wonky backs, funny necks, and poor hindquarters.

A nice looking riding mule can look something like this:


In addition, they look amazing when spotty:





Although not as expressively athletic as horses, mules can still be fun athletes in their own right. One day I want to have a dressage mule. Maybe one like the mule in the picture below, but a funnier colour.



Would love to see a mule trained in classical dressage… might have to pencil this in as a “one day when full of cash as well as bad plans” idea.


Either way, mules are awesome and I kind of want one to join my imaginary future herd of overly indulged equines.


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