Delayed for service improvement testing!

Hi all, Windfyre here.


I know you all loved last week’s post, and were looking forward to part 2, but I will have to disappoint you.  Ha, like that’s anything new.

I’ve started a new job, which interferes with my morning, early afternoon and evening naps, which means I’m down to the one sixteen hour power nap each day.  As you can imagine, it could not get any worse.  At least I could sleep through Chinese water torture.

I also am trying to figure out how to make it so that you can hover your mouse over the name of a card in the blog text to have it’s picture appear a la, this will make it a poop-load easier to follow what I’m talking about.

So apologies again, but let me show you the top three cards I hope to be opening in next week’s article:


If I could be said to have a type, black / white graveyard recursion is it.  Def getting this one with that sweet sweet mana cost.


Get it on the field early.  Every creature you cast from then needs only one extra mana to double in effect.  Seriously, that’s the math. Uncommon is still good.  Actually, so is common.  But…


I love my lords, and I love the centaur creature type since Return to Ravnica.  They are medium sized vanilla, but a set of 4 of these in a deck turn them into something so much more.  You know what? Centaur beatdown is gonna be cheap and able to throw it’s weight with FNM regulars.  Now that I have the money, I’ll definitely be taking this to a tournament.  Let’s make a mental note…


Ha! Remembering is for suckers.


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