marsy: Tomodachi Life

I became the proud owner of Tomodachi Life for the 3DS the other day (yesterday, I think. I’ve lost all track…). First impression – it’s hilarious! For those who don’t know, this game involves caring for an island full of Miis you’ve created/got from someone else. So, I have an island populated by my family, some friends, and three Nintendo staff because I need more islanders (if you’re reading this and have Tomodachi Life, please give me your QR code!). It’s really quite entertaining watching people you know doing all these strange things, like rolling about on the floor when bored, ninja running with friends when they come over, meeting up to put makeup on together, having some of the most bizarreĀ dreams, rap battles, etc.

My only complaint is that you can run out of things to do quite quickly unless you have lots of islanders (I assume). Also some of the problems can only be solved by getting an item from another islander, but they aren’t always forthcoming (I need a disposable camera, damn it!).

I would recommend Tomodachi Life to people who are entertained by watching representations of people they know doing stupid things. I am one of those people. Speaking of doing stupid things…


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