lorekai: Gyakuten Kenji 2

Gyakuten Kenji 2 is the Japan only sequel to the Ace Attorney series spin off game Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, and while there has been no official English release, a fan translation of the whole game was somewhat recently released, much to the joy of many people, myself included. For those interested in checking it out, while I cannot point you in the direction of a rom, once you have found one you can go here to find the patch,  easy instructions on how to use it, and links to some emulators, I find Desmume works best for me. If you need any assistance feel free to comment, and I’ll do what I can to help, but now, on to the review.





While difficult to talk about without spoilers, the story in this game is interesting, both overall and in the individual cases. I enjoyed the characters used, and there was a good mix of both new and returning, though some were quite unexpected, but it was good to see them being expanded on.



The gameplay is very similar to the previous game in the series, you control Miles Edgeworth to examine crime scenes, collect evidence, question witnesses, and form logic, ultimately to work out what happened. What is new to this game is the addition of something called Logic Chess, which works in a somewhat similar way to Phoenix’s magatama, as a way to obtain more information, except instead of just presenting evidence, you are given options to guide the conversation based on what you think would make the witness more likely to give away their information. It’s an interesting mechanic, it’s addition certainly adds a lot, and out of all the weird lawyer powers in the Ace Attorney series, not only is it the most reasonable, I would also say that it’s the most enjoyable.



Graphically I’d say that the character sprites in this game are a little underwhelming, they are certainly not bad, but this isn’t that old a game and already they haven’t aged well, more of what I’d expect from a Gameboy Advance game.  The character portraits on the other had are a completely different story, they are colourful, fun, and very expressive, adding a lot of charm to the game. Though in fairness it should only be expected when you consider the origin of the series. The in game locations are also very nice, detailed, and vibrant, with lots of little things to investigate.



Coming from the same composer as several of the other games in the Ace Attorney series, for anyone familiar with the games the soundtrack is exactly as you’d expect. For those not familiar, it’s excellent, atmospheric, fun, and catchy, with a good range of songs appropriate for the different situations in game.



If you are a fan of the series I would definitely recommend this game, and the fan translation. It’s a very fun game, and the translators have done an excellent job, especially for such a text heavy game. I encountered no issues while playing it, the script choices and the names they gave the new characters all seemed very in keeping with the Ace Attorney universe, and furthermore, most impressively, they seemed able to keep the returning characters in character. While some people I’ve spoken to seem put off by the inconvenience of emulating, this game is worth the difficulty and if Capcom ever does an official release I would buy it on day one.

6 responses to “lorekai: Gyakuten Kenji 2

  1. A game about law can either be accurate or it can be good. Good thing for us that the Ace Attorney series is inaccurate and wacky as hell, because it’s a lot of fun. I might try this fan-translation some time.

    • Yeah, it’s a great series, full of great games. 🙂 And I’d definitely recommend trying the fan translation, it’s very good, I’d almost believe it official if I hadn’t known otherwise. – lorekai

  2. I’m currently playing it at the moment and now at Chapter 3. 🙂 Good grief this game has full of twist and turns! I won’t say anything since people might get spoiled

    … but when I think about the flow of the first and second chapters, along with the decline of Ace Attorney sales (at the time this was released in Japan) + the fact that Capcom’s efforts (at that time) where already on the 3DS, I think I know the reason why the company decided against officially localizing it. 😦 Good thing the translation team did this and I (and all of us fans) are thankful that they did. It was certainly worth the wait!

    • I think Chapter 3, was the one that surprised me the most, though there are a lot of other surprising twists. 🙂 It was indeed worth the wait, and while I can see why they didn’t localise it, it doesn’t stop it from being any less disappointing. 😦
      Thanks for commenting. – lorekai

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