An Ode to Cheesecake (or is it?)

Mmm, cheesecake

Your sweet cream drives my heart wild

Let me never stray to another cake

Of course you aren’t perfect

Very close though

Every moment is magic

Fattening but worth every calorie

Oh God, why am I typing this

Really I should be eating this cheesecake

Your objections are noted

Of course they are ignored

Unfortunately thy end draws near

Is there hope for a second helping

Surely I must be able to consume more

Like the mighty whale

I must time travel to save you

Kidding, I’m totally going to eat you

Endlessly I lust for more

Alternatives will not suffice

Together we are stronger than apart

Really though this is getting a bit strange

Uncomfortable yet?


Kingsley baked






Dedicated to wildfillysama. Happy Anniversary!


The dramatic reading was AMAZING. We’ll be picking cheesecake out of our ears for months to come. God help us.

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