lorekai: Ikebana

I’ve posted about this before, but earlier this year I started taking ikebana lessons, they’re a great deal of fun, and according to my teacher I’m at least somewhat talented at it, so as I’m currently between games, thought I’d use this chance to talk a bit about it.

For those of you who don’t know ikebana is a style of flower arranging originating in Japan, it has set rules, and makes careful use of space, and is different from more western flower arranging, in that the focus is not on the person viewing, but on creating something that highlights the plants’ natural beauty.  Despite the rules, there is actually a great deal of creativity and freedom to it, and it’s often considered a form of relaxation, if you’ve ever been interested I would recommend giving it a try, it’s a very fun and rewarding hobby.

Here are some of my attempts.


Upright Moribana


Upright Moribana in Reverse



Slanting Moribana

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