marsy: A few more book reviews

Today I’ll be reviewing a few books I’ve read/been reading recently. I’m not going to write much about them though, because I am a lazy piece of trash (but in the best way) and I want to play pokemon right now.



This is the one I’m currently reading (about halfway through) – The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North. I’m really enjoying this one. Put simply, the main character in this (who is called Harry August, surprisingly enough) relives his life over every time he dies. At the end of one of his lives, he is told that the world is going to end unless something is done to change it. I’m a huge fan of time travel stuff, so this is really interesting to me. I think I’m just about at the super exciting part, so there’s not much else to say about this one right now.



Winter Be My Shield by Jo Spurrier. Another book that I really enjoyed reading. Very much a fantasy novel. Got magic and shit. A little slow at some parts, but makes up for it in others. Read it – it’s good.


I looked at the blurb for this one and was expecting something Halo-esque (genetically engineered super-soldiers, woo!). What I got was kind of meh. Germline by T.C. McCarthy is alright, but not one I would read again. The narrator spent most of the time talking about needing to get high, which makes sense considering the character is a drug addict, but it gets really old after a while. TL;DR, it’s an interesting concept that could have been (and has been) done a lot better.


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