lorekai: I think I might have a slight obsession.


Not pictured are the bag and other keyring thing (Makoto in his desert outfit) that I have coming in the post.

I don’t think it’s a problem though, I mean I didn’t buy the sticky tape, or little figures that sit on the edge of a glass, I also didn’t buy the Future Fish CD, when I saw it in a shop in Hong Kong, which I kind of regret. Though having just checked, it is a bit cheaper online…

I’ve seen a lot of people dismiss Free! as nothing more than blatant fanservice, and to be honest I only tried watching it due to the shear amount of rage the announcement of the first season caused, but once you give it a chance it’s hard not to like it. Yes there is fanservice, but you also get beautiful animation, an excellent soundtrack, and a cast of great characters with a surprising amount of depth to them. It has a great story as well, capable of being both lighthearted and serious, with a good amount of humour.

Basically Free! is great anime, and I’m tired of seeing people dismiss it without giving it a chance.

If nothing else, it’s next episode previews can be quite hilarious.

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