marsy: Out of ideas, reviewing my cats

It’s exactly what the title says – I’m reviewing my cats. Technically, they’re not even my cats. Technically, I’m reviewing wildfillysama’s cat and lorekai’s cat. Technically, I really don’t care.

IMG_0331Here they are!


Let’s start with Badger.

IMG_0339Here’s a beautiful shot of him after he’s just woken up. I will point out that my phone was plastered against my face when I took this – he is very fond of sleeping on me. We raised him from a kitten, and our dog loved him as soon as he met him. That just means that Badger is a very dog-like cat.


Pros: Very cute, very friendly, warm, I’m not allergic to him, endless entertainment, only slightly fiendish, loves everyone, doesn’t destroy my stuff, has a seriously adorable meow.

Cons: Heavy (especially when he jumps on you while you are sleeping), inappropriately tries to find something to suckle on when he’s happy, sticks his face in my mouth if he can smell that I’ve been eating something good, not the brightest spark ever, is his own uncle, unbelievable amounts of hair come off this cat, hates all cats that aren’t skinny and black.

Final rating: 10/10, is cat.


Now for Artemis.


Yes, that is a cat. She has some interesting sleeping positions. Miss used to be a shelter cat, so she has some abandonment issues. This just means that no doors may be shut and no people are allowed to leave. Ever. She is very vocal about her displeasure. Very vocal.


Pros: Seriously cute, super affectionate (but only towards her people, strangers are not to be trusted), clever (for a cat), seriously good at jumping.

Cons: Mega-ultra fiend (her favourite way of waking me up is to knock stuff off my desk until I sit up to stop her), so very vocal and opinionated, needs to take better care of her tummy fluff, is a total princess, I am really allergic to her (but let her sleep on my bed all day anyway), jumps up to stupid places (top of the shower, top of the air conditioner, tops of doors, top of anything she can get at).

Final rating: 10/10, is also cat.


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