marsy: Number of days since walking into a lamp: 0

Note to self: There is a lamp between the two rooms I’ve been walking between in the dark for the last few days. You’d think I’d remember that by now. No lamps were harmed in the making of this blog post.

This angry alpha nerd is travelling today, so has asked one of the other angry alpha nerds to post this pre-written blog post for her. If it’s late, it’s not my fault. Responsibility is for proper grown ups, which I am not. But yeah, I’ll probably be on a plane on my way to see wildfillysama when this pops online. Next week I may not even have internet, so if there’s no post from me then you know why. May Glob have mercy on my soul. Please pray for me during this difficult time.


Now for something really exciting – I am the proud owner of a top with furbies on it. It is majestic. Which reminds me, I still have my furby. He needs batteries and is missing the eyelashes on one eye (so it never closes and is really creepy), but he’s still part of my life. Good old Toh-dye Way-loh (and yes, I did just look up how to spell my furby’s name correctly). I remember that lorekai took really good care of her furby and taught it how to blow kisses, whereas I taught mine how to belch on command. What a classy child I was. I like to think that I’ve gotten past that, but I’m probably lying.


This is not my furby, because my furby is in a different country from me so I can’t take his picture, and is also most definitely not still in his box, or in such good condition. This is what my furby looks like though. Isn’t he lovely?


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