One good thing and three bad things

Be thankful for the small things, sometimes they’re all you get!


Bad: Worked in a new office;

Cat pee everywhere

Realised its been a year and my posts still suck’

Good: Got my XBox One!!!


Bad: All alone in the house with two super, super, super, needy cats.

Daffodil sprouted in the garden, daffodil summoned storms, storms killed daffodil.

Ikebana class was cancelled, already bought flowers and harvested branches.

Good: Xillia 2! 12 hours in and still going strong.

anit the Flea:

Bad: Had mini breakdown on kitchen floor over an imagined slight by one of sisters.

Cats were generally vague in their definition of what constitutes a toilet.

Found out how ridiculously bad I am at the secret super training in Pokemon X which is my only way of getting more of certain items I need (Sun Stones mostly).

Good: I got an interview for a new job!


Bad: Everything I did at work was one step short of perfection. I reached for the stars but instead got the skies. I wanted those damn stars, damnit!

I got sick with a cold. Cured by rice.

I got less sleep in a week than I usually get in two days.

Good: I bought a tier 10 tank in World of Tanks.

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